• Name: Series HV test transformer(Type YDQCJ)
  • Products Type: C01

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Product Introduction
The YDQCJ model series excitation test transformer is a new product which is manufactured on the basis of the YDQ model high voltage test transformer and according to the transformer national standard ZBK41006-89. The product is widely applied to fields of electricity, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical engineering, research institutions, etc., and can realize power-frequency withstand voltage test of high voltage electric equipment, electric elements and insulating materials, so that it is the indispensable equipment in high voltage test.


Product Advantages:
1. The product is small and light (it is 50% lighter than the oil immersed test transformer of the same model), so that it is convenient for transportation;
2. The product is clean, greaseless and convenient for maintenance;
3. The product is free from influence of weather and can be used for testing during transportation;
4. The insulating strength of the product is higher than that of the oil immersed type test transformer, and the corona is extremely low;
5. The complete test device is low in investment, so that it is economical, and it can be connected in series to obtain various output voltages or solely used.


Product Parameters
1. Voltage grade: 10kV-1200kV
2. Capacity range: 1-4800kVA
3. No-load current: ≤7%
4. Impedance voltage: ≤8%
5. Waveform distortion: ≤3%

Equipment Configuration
1. One first-level test transformer;
2. One second-level test transformer;
3. One SBK test transformer console;
4. One insulating support.

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