• Name: Large earth resistance tester
  • Products Type: WA180

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WA180 Type Large earth resistance tester

    WA180 Type Large earth resistance tester,To test substation earthing network(4Ω)、 Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Power Plant、microwave(10Ω)、lighting rod(10Ω)etc.Using new type variable frequency AC power supply, And adopts microcomputer control and signal processing measures, Solved the problem of interference of the testing process, To simplify the test procedure, To improve the precision and accuracy of the test results, reducing test personnel's the labor intensity and the cost of testing. The instrument can be used to test all kinds of power frequency earth resistance,contact voltage,step voltage etc frequency power parameters and soil resistivity. The instrument adopts the different frequency Anti-interference resistance technology, under strong interference environment accurately measured the frequency under 50Hz data.The maximum test current is 5A,it will not cause the earth device potential too high,and it also has strong anti interference ability, so it can be measured in the case of non power.

Performance features

1、The measurement frequency equivalent performance is good. The test current waveform is sine wave,frequency and power frequency is only 5Hz,Using 45Hz and 55Hz two kinds of frequency to test.

2、Strong anti-interference ability. The instrument adopts different frequency test, combined with modern hardware and software filtering technology,so the instrument has high anti-interference performance,the test data stable and reliable.

3、High precision. The basic error is only 0.005Ω, can be used to measure the large earthing network of very small impedance.

4、Function is powerful. It can be used to measure current pile,voltage pile,ground resistance, step voltage, contact voltage etc.

5、Simple operate。All English menu operation, direct display the measured results.

6、Wiring with small amount of labor, needn’t large current line


1、Impedance measurement range: 0~200Ω

2、Resolution rate: 0.001Ω

3、Measurement tolerance: ±(Reading×2%+0.005Ω)

4、The anti power frequency voltage of 50Hz interference :10V

5、Testing current waveform: sine wave

6、The test current frequency: 45Hz, 55Hz dual band

7、Maximum output current; 5A

8、Maximum output voltage:400V

9、Measure line requirments: The current line copper core cross-sectional area≥1.5mm2   Voltage line copper core cross-sectional area ≥ 1.0mm2

10、Power: AC220V±10%,50Hz

11、 Shape Size: 440×350×210 12、 Instrument weight:10kg

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