• Name: High voltage Isolation Switch Contact Pressure Tester
  • Products Type: WA 1401

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WA 1401 High voltage Isolation Switch Contact Pressure Tester


   Isolation switch is the high voltage switch equipment, it was large and frequently use in power system . The outdoor isolating switch is the only completely exposed in the atmospheric environment electrical equipment, It is also a electrical equipment affected by climatic conditions influence the most direct and most serious. The operating conditions is relatively poor, It is easy to generate fault of mechanical or electrical. Especially the finger contact part is easy to be affected by rain, dust and harmful gas invasion, resulting in poor contact caused fever, provide the spring with contact pressure due to heating and annealing for reducing the pressure, so that more cause finger heat form vicious spiral eventually burn out finger accident. In maintenance often only pay attention to replace the obvious failure and fracture of spring, but spring to reduce the pressure can not judge and replacement, so again in the operation, each finger current distribution by the pressure difference, The greater the difference between the current distribution is not uniform, long-term operation will occur is bad and the overheating. Fever finger will be vicious spiral, a finger contact bad will spread over the entire bad contact. At the same time, there are a lot of isolating switch contact pressure can be adjusted, if in maintenance adjustment pressure is not enough or each finger to adjust the pressure difference will also appear afore-mentioned phenomena.

  Most of the present maintenance personnel conducting portion of the contact quality criterion is to measure the resistance loop, that loop resistance in an acceptable range, the maintenance work can be completed in conductive parts, In fact, the circuit resistance are given in the product specification value is the conductive loop values,which including the contact resistance and contact resistance of wiring terminal,conductive tube,finger etc, range is larger,a larger margin, cannot directly reflect the change in contact resistance , only that the conductive loop pathway. Experiments show that: two the finger contact with the four finger contact on the circuit resistance values were within the range of standard, the same contact pressure of big and small loop resistance value is basically no change.

   In all kinds of maintenance lead (rules), standard,there are provisions with measurement of contact pressure contact finger, Measuring tool is recommended by a spring balance, In practical work, measuring the contact pressure in high altitude, with spring balance pressure is not convenient, not accurate nor safe, some structure of isolation switch contact pressure cannot be measured by a spring balance (such as scissors type). Therefore, measurement of finger contact pressure is of no significance.

   According to the present situation of power system maintenance, our company developed an intelligent testing instrument for measuring pressure of high voltage isolation switch contact pressure, as long as it will test sensor clamp simulation contact between each pair of contact finger contact position open up, can show a finger contact pressure at this time and memory. To effectively solve the problem of measuring the pressure contact finger.

   The instrument can also be used to test the isolation switch factory refers to the pressure on the contact pressure sensor; change the shape can also pressure measurement circuit breaker contact finger.

 The Main Technical Specification

-20~40℃,≤80%RH Atmospheric pressure 86~106kpa

Power voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz±10% or inner lithium battery power ≤20 W

Measure range: ≤1000 N Tolerance: ≤1%

Measuring diameter(finger distance): 5.5mm~90mm More than 90mm (customizable)

The built-in lithium battery,Power work hour:more than 6 hours(customizable).

10m Sensor signal length:10m

Isolation resistance more than 2M

Dielectric strength The power of a frequency of 1.5KV pressure for 1 minutes, no flashover and arcing

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