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Product Introduction
GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) is called “Metal-clad enclosed gas insulated switchgear”. By optimized design, it can organically combine all equipment (except  transformer) in a  substation, such as circuit breaker, isolating switch, earthing switch, voltage transformer, current transformer, surge arrester, bus bar, cable terminal and SF6 bushing.
The GIS has any advantages such as smaller in size, high reliability, high safety and  maintenance easier, so that it is the best choice for power supply unit in all substations. Power frequency withstand voltage test and PD are very important for GIS type test,and Our equipment can be test GIS very easier and convenient.
As a professional SF6 test equipment manufacturer in China, our company always dedicates to development and manufacturing of high voltage test equipment used for directly flange with GIS switchgear. In 2008, our company first developed and launched the enclosed HV test equipment for GIS switchgears in China, which is unanimously favored and highly  praised by all Chinese GIS switchgear manufacturers.

Product Advantages:
1.Small and compact dimensions resulting in minimum space requirements ;
2.Light-wight components;
3.Rugged construction to withstand long transportation stresses;
4.Direct flanging to the GIS switchgear ;
5.High safety for tester because of encapsulation of all HV parts;
6.Large range of application in conjunction with HV bushing for withstand voltage test;
7.Built-in HV measuring capacitor and coupling capacitor;
8.The PD of the whole equipment can be less than 3pC, which guarantees the accuracy of test ;
9.Using universal adjustable platform, the equipment can be flanged to GIS switchgear at any angle.

Product Parameters:
1. Rated voltage:10kV-1200kV
2. Rated capacity:3kVA-4800kVA
3. No-load current:≤7%
4. Impedance:≤8%
5. Wave form distortion:≤3%
6. PD level: ≤3pC under the rated voltage , ≤2pC under 80% of rated voltage;
7. Duty cycle: Can be continuous operation, the operating time can be designed according to customers’ requirements;
8. Temperature rise: the temperature rise is less than 50K under the rated current;
9. Annual gas leakage rate: ≤0.5%

Equipment Configuration:
1. One set HV PD-free test transformer(Type GTU);
2. One set isolated transformer(Type GLB);
3. One set column type voltage regulator(Type TYQ);
4. One set compensating reactor(Type BCL);
5. One set computerized control unit(Type SBK);
6. One set universal adjustable platform;
7. One basic test port;
8. One set PD detector (optional);
9. Various connection or adaptation flanges according to different test object(optional);
10. Air-to -SF6 HV bushing (optional).

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